Fantastique Show Feedback

Thanks to the power and speed of the web images and reviews from my show have already been published from the UK to Australia! Here’s a small selection ‘my cup runneth over’!!


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The Show! “Candy…Darling?”


Just a few images from the show…the feedback has been amazing!!! You can watch the show here


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Ingredients for a fabulous show…interesting models, grand location, a creative backstage team and of course…some clothes to make your jaw drop!

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Backstage Prep and Antics

ImageImageImage More images by the professionals to be posted soon!

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MODELS, LIGHTS, GUESTLIST…Just Do Your Best Darling!

Preparation for the show has been going smoothly and well. Myself, my team and PopPR who are handling the press and guest lists have been overwhelmed with the amount of requests to come and see my show. Wow, I have been missed. PopPR said that they have never been so inundated with requests. I just don’t want to let people down like last year when people were left outside due to oversubscription – we have tried our very best to accommodate where we can plus we are about to show in a larger space within the Freemason’s Hall.

I am really happy with my choice of models too and not conforming to the usual line-up of the usual catwalk models. Do all clients/customers look the same? No, fashion is for all shapes and sizes. I have some great personalities in this show and the atmosphere backstage is building as they get their hair and make-up underway.

It’s all positive at the venue and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone. Thank-you for all the fantastic comments and see you for the show at 6pm!

Monsieur Ghanem x

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Confessions of a Cult Couturier – ‘PRETTY ORDINARY’ 12th Feb 2013

ziad-2-diary-mixLondon Fashion Week begins this Friday so I am super busy with the preparations for my show “Candy…Darling?” Fittings have been taking place at our Chelsea studio and the space has been brought to life with my cast, or should I say outcasts! I am firmly sticking to my beliefs on beauty which is why I am using real people of all shapes and sizes and they are all beautiful creatures.

Over the weekend we ran a make-up test for my show. Laura Brady came up with some extraordinary designs for the make-up. She looked at me and asked “how heavy did I want the make-up?” To which I replied; “Whatever you think is heavy and then make it heavier…like a shield.” I love it when a make-up artist really colours my models, it’s a show, its escapism, its full-time drama! I don’t understand this natural, organic look…why? Why spend so much time, money and effort to look like any random pasty person on the tube?

I want to enjoy this season so much and I want everyone else to enjoy it too, especially those that are working on it with me. I don’t want to be fabulous or impress anyone. I just want to be happy and to make sure everyone involved is happy. I cannot help being a bitch sometimes, it runs in my veins along with my blood…but at least I am aware of it and I do say sorry after, well, most of the time.

I am really excited about John Galliano and his work returning to the catwalk, I cannot wait to see his collaborative show with Oscar De La Renta in New York. Apparently Oscar would love him to continue after the shows.

Everyday I speak to my mum in Lebanon via Skype and I show her the collection and any new pieces. Then I talk to the dogs and cats over there…this is always the highlight of my day.

I think black is a very powerful colour but I am working with a lot of bright colour this season and have invented some new techniques in printing and embroidery. I have gone over budget on fabrics again but it is worth it. I am using the most refined linings on the inside of each garment…I believe if you feel expensive you will look expensive. Honey, cheap is cheap and that’s not couture darling!

More on the show later.

Monsieur Ghanem

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Confessions of a Cult Couturier

Monsieur Ghanem’s Diary January 2013

ziad-diary-jan-image-mix-1In preparation for my show ‘Candy…Darling?’ this February I get the feeling that I have let my audience and followers down. For the past couple of seasons I have shown ‘salon style’ to clients and buyers and I now realise that various press, bloggers and fashion addicts have missed my show extravaganzas!

For this show my intention is to make it fun, refined and camp, in fact wall to wall camp! I am sick and tired of looking at all this modern shit around! Modern…it makes fashion sound so clinical – what are designers making? Dresses for the fridge? Poor women, what have they done to deserve this? It’s like forcing a woman to adjust her body shape, her curves into this unflattering ‘modern’ silhouette. I refuse this! I want my models and clients to feel wonderful and comfortable in what they wear. Modern to me is when you don’t do the expected. Minimalism resulted in job losses for couture employees and this is a terrible waste of exceptional techniques and skills.

My cast for the show, as always, is amazing. It’s like a Fellini movie, every character is a star so expect a broad range of unique personalities working the catwalk and bringing my designs to life.

The biggest drama I have been having at the moment is trying to find a model that is a size 16. The industry still isn’t supportive of anyone over a UK size 8, even the Plus Size models are rarely larger than a UK 12. I don’t care if someone is a size 0 or a size 20 I like to work with all shapes and sizes and I love a challenge!

I recently moved to Chelsea and have been working from there, this is a new experience for me having lived in East London but I am doing OK in and amongst the fabulous Chelsea ladies and Earl’s Court hookers.

I was hypnotized last month and the results were amazing. It was one of my biggest life achievements to beat my fear and anxiety and I did it! I am now fearless and fierce ha ha. Thank you Tim Snale

I made a fool of myself the other week when an LA Agent / Stylist called to request a dress for Eva Longoria and I replied: “Yes, I love Eva and I love her music!” Ha ha, I think I need to get a T.V. and swot up on all these celebs.

So far it has been a good season for the House of Ghanem – I know it’s good because of the amount of requests coming in for red carpet events. Most of the time they are impossible requests…like calling today to ask for a fully beaded made-to-measure gown to be delivered yesterday! I think I will stick to English soil for the moment.

This year is emerging into a beautiful year for myself and the team the latest collection “Candy…Darling?” is full of gorgeous colour like sunny yellow and candy pink, these colours for me symbolize positivity, wisdom, joy and happiness. They reflect confidence and intelligence. I was also inspired by 1950’s movies such as ‘An American in Paris’ with the voluminous, curve enhancing shapes.

We have just shot the preview images for collection and I am so fortunate to have such a brilliant creative team around me from photographer Ram Shergill to stylist Aiden Conner – all the models, hair and make-up team – it’s a really specially feeling when everyone is on the same level and working in harmony. We are so pleased with the images. And thanks to for the stunning and rather posh location as well.

I am planning to take this show to China soon. And no, despite all the rumours I am not going to Paris, I am staying put in London and that suits me just fine!

Until next time and see you at my show 19th Feb 2013

Monsieur Ghanem x

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